Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fires stil raging

This is one of the fires that have been causing all the heavy smoke in our area for the past couple of days. Many residences in the path of these fires have been evacuated. I hope they can save those homes. This Douglas  fire had expanded to 21,000 acres by early yesterday. There are more than 75,000 acres on fire in Oregon as of two days ago and today I see two new ones on the map, one north of us and other one much further away to the east. The Douglas and three others are due west and south west of us. A fire map shows us basically in the center of a semi circle of these fires.

Yesterday I had to check our son and daughter-in-laws garden and the smoke was so bad I had to put my shirt over my face to make breathing easier.

Smoke or no smoke, we had to do grocery shopping yesterday, It took three stores to get all the things I needed for my planned menu for the next few days. Since my hernia surgery is only two weeks away, I also loaded up on things I'll have to eat the first couple of weeks after I get home - cream soups, pudding, broths and juices. That limited diet should definitely help my dieting along.

I need to get my dinner prep done early so there will be studio time this afternoon. There's salsa and guacamole to make and other veggies to prep for tonight's taco dinner. Since we're trying to eat many more non meat dishes, I'm making the taco filling using a vegetarian meat substitute called ground round. And of course, there will be margaritas on the menu as well.

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