Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Here fishy fishy


Our son Sean caught this humongous salmon today and I get a free "no cook" night; but I did take some of my pate out of the freezer as my contribution to dinner.

Since our blood work showed we both have cholesterol that's a bit too high (we've been eating a lot of my pate and cheese and other goodies lately, so it's time to behave ourselves.) With house guests twice in a month, I was serving some of their favorite recipes - like my butter rich pate, croissants, and heart attack breakfasts at our local grease and grits breakfast place - you get the idea.

Fortunately my good cholesterol is also high which helps, so I'm just going to change my diet. - therefore lunch was turkey sandwiches with mustard instead of mayonnaise. Jim is opting for the drugs; but I'm opting for basically, a Mediterranean diet -  most of the time.

After our doctor appointments we had three grocery store stops to stock up on organic meat, fruit and veggies. It's too late to start on any studio work so I'm going to watch some of those you tube "missing manual" videos for my new camera which should be here tomorrow. I have a little notebook ready to jot down some of the missing information.

You would think if a company like Panasonic could make such a great camera that they could make a decent, hard copy manual. Instead, they opted for a flimsy incomplete one and a PDF one which is also a convoluted mess according to the all user reviews I've read. Oh well, I'm always up for a challenge. You tube  - I'll be there in a minute!


  1. Holy Crap that's a big fish !

    1. Biggest one I've ever seen! My son thought it weighed about 35 lbs. All I know is - it was delicious!

  2. Jeez! Look at the size of that fish!
    Hello, sushi platter!

    I've read you got a new Panasonic digital camera recently. Me, I prefer the Canon Powershot Elph 510 HS. Not to sound like a pitchman, but since getting it for Christmas, it has performed marvelously (the pictures come out extra-sharp, and it's pocket-sized). The downside is that the battery has only six hours of battery life, and it needs to be manually recharged (the batteries don't come cheap, either).

    Forgive the long rant- just wanted to share my thoughts.

    Hope you and Jim keep up the good fight against cholesterol.

    The last episode of Sale Of The Century aired on GSN yesterday. Sad to see it all end (again), but still happy to have been able to relive my childhood memories once more.

    1. I have a Canon Powershot (older one), but the new ones didn't have all the features I needed. Also, the Canon lenses over time can develop that fish eye problem, which is what has happened with mine; and that is what necessitated this new purchase.

  3. SOME FISH! Just out of curiosity....what goodies were made from the finny fellow? I'm imagining salmon steaks, smoked salmon.....and so forth!

    1. It was filleted and baked and served with a mango salsa, crispy kale, and amazing corn fritters with a lovely, creamy sauce. Dessert was mixed fresh fruits with a yogurt sauce. It's great to have a wonderful daughter-in-law who is also an amazing cook.