Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Smorgasbord kind of morning

Turned the little test kiln on before 6am and got a couple of small packets of stains into more sturdy plastic containers. Since I've been on a weight loss mode lately, my lunch, more times than not, is four small pieces of pickled herring; and those plastic containers are great for the studio. So that may be my top choice for lunch for a while.

We potters definitely look for free studio containers when food shopping; or at least I do. Those huge pretzel jar are great for batches of terra sig and other things. My best glaze buckets were the ones I got for free from the pool supply company. They held chlorine and were super sturdy and had sturdy, screw on lids. I need to find some of those around here if I can, since I gave all my glazes and slips away when we moved cross country.

Our water problem reared it's ugly head yesterday and I had to spend a very long time in almost hundred degree weather,  hand watering the entire back yard of potted and in ground plants. Mercifully, the re-attached pipe worked for today's first, morning watering; but yesterday that lost time cut into studio time, as well as my energy. I did manage to get the couple of glazed pots cleaned off, the new apple green glaze test batched and on a tile, and the black slip tests done and on tiles with a bunch of underglaze combinations, and glazed, and loaded my miniscule test kiln.

The one thing on yesterday's "to do" list that I didn't get to, thanks to the water crisis, was batching the darker yellow slip, which I will do before the grand kids arrive. I stopped work at four so I could start last night's dinner prep - lamb chops, oven roasted potatoes with garlic and rosemary,  a tossed salad and a lovely cabernet.. No wonder yesterday was a "no loss" weight day. It was more of an eating day. Between dinner, and breaking my lunch pattern and having a hummus, tomato, avocado, salsa stuffed pita I should have not been a surprised to what the scale showed this morning.. Back to herring today!

Our daughter-in-law is bringing the twins over after their tennis lessons, for some cooling off, pool time, and since they're all allergic to cats, I had to vacuum cat and dog hair off the floors and furniture. Time now to turn the kiln up again,  mop  these tile floors and tidy up my living room. Right now it's looking more like an office than a living room.

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  1. weight loss for women after 50 is much much harder ! I don't know what goes on in there but trying to eat healthier and less creates a low energy crisis which makes exercising even more challenging ! Good luck.