Friday, July 19, 2013

Day at the Jackson County Fair

 We've been either playing or resting from play or watching the grand kids play the past couple of days.

The afternoon at the fair was fun - a break from health food, viewing the exhibits and watching the 4H'rs competing with the hogs they've raised. Viewing the animals is my favorite part of the county fair. The 100 degree heat was so debilitating, that we both just faded when we got home.

Yesterday was time with the grand kids who came over for a swim,  Nana's special home made popcorn (their term for non microwave, stove top buttered popcorn) and lemonade, and some TV watching - a special treat when visiting Nana and Papa. After Nic and the twins left, I finished my dinner prep.

It was Cajun night, inspired by watching a great Anthony Bourdain show on the Louisians Bayou. I made a very, easy, simple chicken drumsticks etouffe which Jim raved about with each bite. The Cajun rice with peppers and onions went well with it, along with some simple green beans from my garden.

Now that all morning household and gardening chores are done, and the studio should have cooled off, I'll try to find my mojo and get out of play mode and into work mode.


  1. Fairs are so great, but I like the timing of ours better....October!
    We don't have a microwave so we always have "special" popcorn:-)

  2. "special" popcorn is hands down better than microwaved corn... and no chemicals.

  3. what a fantastically patterned pig! love those splotches ... and the archetypal corkscrew tail!