Sunday, July 14, 2013

Keeping this one for myself

Decided to keep this one for myself.  This is from the last soda firing in my small, Olympic gas kiln that I initially used for tests and clean up firings. Now, it's my only soda kiln - pretty limited but better than nothing.

The past few days have been for family time and dealing with two broken irrigation pipes which have finally been fixed. Yesterday was an all day cooking marathon for last nights dinner party. I started prepping around 6:30 am and was at it all day. It was an African cuisine night - hummus and fried black eyed pea cakes with spicy sauce for appetizers, Moroccan vegetable stew and couscous , and macerated strawberries in orange liqueur, sugar and balsamic vinegar over sorbets. The only non African item on the menu was the margaritas.
I am wiped this morning and my screaming hip has given me orders to sit as much as possible today, so  I'll actually get to read the Sunday paper on Sunday. There's also a book "Proof of Heaven", that I started reading a couple of days ago, so I'll get some of that reading in as well.

Other than morning hand watering, breakfast and lunch prep, I'm not moving from this sofa. Fortunately there's plenty of leftover batter and spicy topping from last night's appetizer that I'll make for lunch and leftovers for dinner. There's even leftover margarita mix. Oh yeah!

After a day of relative rest, this hip should be ready for a day in the studio tomorrow. Now that I know that the greyish pinkish powder is actually the yellow Buttercup stain, I'll test it in a slip. I liked the color in the glaze test so I'm going to have to do a shot in the dark test with more stain and hope 15% which is 50% more than I used in the glaze test, will give me the color I want. The 10% in the glaze was too much color and more of an orange than a buttercup yellow when double dipped; but it was perfect warm yellow, in a single dip, so 15% should, I hope be enough to give me that lovely buttercup yellow.. On second thought, I might just do another test with 20% since I'll have room in the test kiln for both.

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  1. Somehow I missed your last post, looks like you are making progress with all that testing. I would be keeping that mug too, quite nice! Drink some margaritas in it, haha