Thursday, July 04, 2013

Mug in use

My grand daughter McKenna picked one of my new earthenware mugs yesterday and her mom sent me a photo of  McKenna's morning hot chocolate with a very generous topping of marshmallows.

Got the new camera put together and at least figured out how to set it on automatic, took a couple of pictures of our furry kids to see how well the zoom works (works great), and learned how to view what I just shot. That takes care of the most basic steps. Next job is getting that pdf file on to my desktop so I can print it out and get my highlighter out and mark the highest priority things I want to learn at this point.

As soon as the Wimbleton match is over, I'll get on with the rest of day. I'm off to the mall to buy a baby present for a friend. I'm not a mall person - wasn't even before the old bones got arthritic; but there are times when they are the only choice. One of my life's philosophies is that no place with fluorescent lights (malls, airports, etc.), are places I want to visit. I'm ancient enough to miss all the small, neighborhood shops.


  1. Thanks Michael! I see you got hit bad with those rains. Hope it has passed through by now and not caused any permanent damage. Some of the photos of downtown Bakersville and Shane's kiln area looked pretty bad. Now tell that gravel to stay put!

  2. It's always a treat to have someone send a photo of your work in use! Glad the camera is working out

  3. Feliz Cuarto de Julio, los familia Perry!

    (And that's all the Spanish I know.)
    (Also, this is Ben- too busy celebrating the 4th to sign in.)

  4. Ben, email me your full name and mailing address so Jim can send you the photo you asked for.

    1. Noted.
      Also, saw the epic Djokovic-Del Potro semi-final match.
      Man, that was a true test of endurance and wills. (Alas, I was pulling for Del Potro to pull off the upset, but it was worth watching history unfold.)