Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Painting outside the box

Always loved this song, but someone put it together with his (Van Gogh's) paintings and it makes a wonderful presentation.

I was up at 4:30 and turned on the little test kiln and went back to bed for an hour. There are ten slip test tiles in there that I did yesterday. Included are new tiles with the three black slips, this time on the raw clay since the only tiles I had for the last test were those with white slip on them, a few with the new Buttercup stain, a pea green and one unknown stain. The blacks should be stronger on the red clay.

Yesterday I also got in some early gardening to plant more parsley, and a couple of perennials and annuals, and then it was off to the studio for six hours. A hungry husband interrupted my work day and suggested we go out for an early dinner, so being the compliant wife that I am, :-) I cleaned up and headed out for some Italian food.

I also got a few of the stain packets in containers and labeled. While putting them away, I found another pint container filled with stain marked Buttercup yellow; but it sure doesn't look like the color of Buttercup that I just got from Sheffield. So either the Sheffield one is wrong, or I mis-marked that  container. I just finished going through all my saved receipts and I can't find any receipt for that amount of yellow stain. There's a U.S.Pigment stain receipt that I can't find, which may be the one I'm looking for. Where do these things disappear to. AARGH! And of course, I've deleted all the order confirmations from the computer. Sometimes efficiency is not a good thing!

Now I need to go through all the yellow slip tests I've done and see if I can figure out what that is. I have a test in the kiln that has a slip with 20% of that unknown yellow, so maybe the fired test will help me determine what it is. I only have one Buttercup test fired and that's a glaze. Hopefully the fired color, once glazed, will help me identify it when compared to all the previous yellow tests I have on hand.


  1. I have had Mason Stains that look totally different in the jars, but the same when fired. You're right though, testing and marking is the only way to be absolutely sure.

  2. thanks for posting that June - brings back some wonderful memories
    I did something like this with the same song for my art history final presentation at Sheridan.
    This one has a lot more images as there were no scanners in 1979 and I had to work with what Sheridan had in their slide library. I set up two slide projectors and had them timed to fade in and then out, over lapping the images. It took forever to get the timing right but it was pretty cool.

  3. Sounds like a great project Colleen.

  4. I just unloaded the test kiln and the new Buttercup yellow stain in the three fired, unglazed slip is various shades of light beige. I'll be glazing those slip test tiles this afternoon. This morning is going to be a part play day at the Jackson county fair.