Thursday, August 01, 2013

Mason Pea stain problem

Got a call from Sheffield Pottery telling me I shouldn't use the Mason Pea green stain because the company has informed them that something is wrong with the batch. Uh oh! Problem is, I've already done a couple of tests with it and like the color; and since it's just an off color problem, I'll still use it. I only wanted this color for some simple slip trail accents.  . The only problem I can see might be when I run out of it this batch and possibly find that the correct batch won't give me the same color.

Yesterday I got some studio time to re-mix some of my clear and a few versions of amber and honey glazes and test batches to test them over some of the latest slipped test tiles. I want to see what those additions of black iron or burnt umber or rutile in a clear glaze are going to affect some of these green and other slips and under glazes. Food prep and other chores filled in the rest of the day. Last nights dinner was a Korean green onion pancake with a dipping sauce and a Thai cucumber salad. It was my first attempt at this Korean classic and it's a very tasty dish. I chose to do a ground pork version rather than the classic seafood version, since the pork was what I had on hand.  

First thing this morning, I got my tiny test kiln loaded and started. After breakfast I got a few artichokes stuffed and cooked and made a couple of loaves of Zucchini bread and got the bread cut up and into serving sizes for Jim to have while I'm in the hospital and after I get home. That and regular meal prep, some on line ordering, some household chores and computer work filled up my day.

The smoke is down a lot tonight due to a bit more wind and maybe a shift in wind direction, so I was able to get out and comfortably mix up more bird food, fill the feeder and give them fresh water.

Now that dinner is done and the kiln is off,  I'll see if there's something lightweight and amusing on the TV to use as background sound while I tackle the rest of my e emails.  A Midsomer Murder Mystery on PBS at 9 o'clock will be a good end to a good and busy day.


  1. Mason does publish the formulas for many of its stains. Perhaps they can tell you what went the mistake.
    I hope the fires are controlled soon.

  2. I might just order some more of this bad batch of pea green from Sheffield. First I have to check how much of it I have on hand. From my latest green slip tests, I think I could probably get something pretty close to it with a chrome/copper combination.