Saturday, August 31, 2013

Touching base

Got the twenty sutures removed yesterday (boy did that smart!); and was told I can now eat everything - just have to chew very, very well. So Jim and I celebrated by having a lovely lunch at a favorite Pan Asian restaurant, and then stopping by the bakery and buying some wonderful little cupcakes for last night dessert. 

Initially I was told I could get back to work in 6 weeks, but yesterday the surgeon said 8 weeks. Maybe I shouldn't have told him I was a potter. Oh, well, I'm sure I can find things to do till mid October that won't require lifting more than 10 lbs  or doing anything strenuous on my stomach muscles.

It dawned on me  that the back end of this healing phase would be a good opportunity to get in the studio and finish  organizing my jewelry bench and lapidary area. To that end  I ordered some stones and rough, and once I get those areas finished I can cut some cabochons and maybe even make a couple of pieces of silver jewelry for myself. I have a lot of old rough that needs to be slabbed and cut into cabochons as well, so between lapidary work and cooking again, there will be plenty to keep me busy before I can start throwing again.