Saturday, August 17, 2013

Home and healing

Had my surgery on Tuesday morning and they sent me home this afternoon. Surgery went well with none of the possibly scary complications. Lots of friends and family were sending Reiki and Zimbate healing and prayers which I'm positive made for the good results. It will be a six week healing process, which means no studio time, or at least no throwing, wedging, heavy lifting,ect till the end of September.

My abdomen looks like a zipper with 19 sutures (they look more like large, metal staples to me), starting below my navel and rising about 7 inches or so to the top of my solar plexus. It's a good thing I'm long past wanting to wear a bikini or even having a body suitable for one!

The good news is that they've now put me on a soft diet (the first couple of days I was just on clear liquids and jello). Now I just need to rest, take the lovely pain meds and make sure I get up every 3 to 4 hours and move around a bit.

If today is any indication, I'll also be taking lots of naps; and I'll use this healing time to clean up a lot of computer files. After synching my iPad a few days ago I realized just how many duplicate photos I have that need deleting.

Our furry kids Bonnie and Bodhi made for a great welcome party and they won't let me out of their sight. Guess they missed their mom as much as I missed them. Right now it's time for pain meds, another cat nap and maybe a shower later if energy permits.

Jim has had to take on a lot of extra chores because of my surgery and I think he's going to need a vacation and some extra pampering once I'm up to it. No one deserves it more.


  1. Get well soon, June. At least you have a host (your husband, Jim) for your own personal game show, where the grand prize is a clean bill of health, six weeks from now.

  2. So very happy to hear that the surgery went well and that you are home. The staples that are used now are just plain weird....I felt like I was trying out for The Bride of Frankenstein! Just wait until they take them out with something that looks like a staple remover. I never did get a good answer as to why metal instead of the old fashioned ones.

    Anesthetic stays in your system for ages, so in addition to recovering from the trauma (as in traumatic injury) you are recovering from the anesthetic.

    Pain medication is one of the wonders of modern medicine.

    Toes crossed for continued healthy recovery.

  3. All good wishes for a speedy return to your usual amazingly dynamic self. (Be a good girl and take it gently like the doc says though!) Thanks for posting and letting us know that everything went according to plan. Talking of bikinis (not that I'm the sort of guy who wears one!) the UK actually had a few weeks of summer for a change this year. I fell on the beach a few weeks back and bruised the base of my thumb so that it swelled up twice the size. Nothing disastrous but kneading and centring clay has been out of the question until today. I know how frustrating this break from making will be for you. Back to pinch pots!

  4. yeah, those staples look kind of Frankenstein-ish don't they ? ! glad to hear things went well, take it easy.

  5. Sending fast healing wishes your way!!! Last time I had an abdominal incision with staples afterward,a little baby came out,haha! Twenty years ago but I remember those yummy pain meds! I felt like superwoman, haha!
    Enjoy the time you get to rest and be waited on without the mom guilt