Saturday, August 03, 2013

Peteris Martinsons

Latvian potter Peteris Martinsons has passed away. If you aren't familiar with his work, you can see some of his pieces at this link. His work is amazing.

Now that morning chores are done, I'm heading to the studio with my days "to do" list. There are more test tiles to roll out and throw so I can do a couple of follow up tests to tweak one or two of the green slip tests and other glaze and slip tests to batch. I probably won't get it all done today, but should be able to make a good dent in this list.

Due to a change in the wind direction, our air quality is a lot better than it's been for several days, even though the largest fire is still only about 5% or so contained. With the better air quality, I got to spend a bit more time in the garden harvesting a lot of cherry tomatoes and a couple of the larger ones which are just coming in and some hot peppers after the morning hand watering. Now I have to figure what to do with all these cherry tomatoes - maybe Linguini with a Putanesca sauce in the next day or so would be a good choice.



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