Monday, August 05, 2013

Free App of translations of Japanese Ceramic terms

Hit the link below for a free app of translations of Japanese pottery terms. One of the members of the on line clay group Clayart, created this and has just put it on to iTunes for downloading.

Free app translations of Japanese pottery terms

I'm taking a little break after some garden work and getting the major part of dinner prepped. I've made Jalapeno poppers - large jalapenos stuffed with a mixture of browned pork and beef and mixed with cream cheese, then covered with bacon slices. This is obviously not a health conscious meal; but a rare treat. I'll make the guacamole to go with it later. The margarita mix is ready, so I'll make the guacamole while the poppers are cooking.

We're still dealing with the smoke from the fires. I would have liked to spend more time out there this morning to feed the potted plants. I got the front planters fed, but the smoke was just too bad to continue.

After my little break I need to feed my sourdough starter and then get into the studio for a few hours; but I will stop to make us our first Brandywine heirloom tomato sandwiches for lunch.  That first, home grown, tomato sandwich with a generous spread of mayonnaise and a little bit of salt, and  lots of fresh ground black pepper, is one of life's great gifts and pleasures of summer. And of course, let's not forget the pickle.


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