Sunday, August 25, 2013

Great video series

Since I have all this healing time on my hands, I've been watching you tube videos and found this series of videos on the history of pottery of Great Britain. This is a very worthwhile group of videos that I highly recommend.

Some sad news to report - just found out that David Gilhooly passed over yesterday after a long bout with cancer. I treasure my one Gilhooley piece of a chocolate covered,  frog ice cream cone. I had David's work in my 1846 Log House Gallery when we lived in Campbellville, Ontario,Canada. Fortunately I treated myself to one of his pieces before I sold the property.

David was one of the top potters of that funk era and he was wonderful character. All those amusing and wild pieces came out of such a small studio, in Ontario when I first met with him to get some pots for the gallery. He could fit his little kiln and underglazes in his little volkswagen. Of course his little black and white TV set would find a place in there somewhere so he could watch and listen to those old movies on that small screen TV.

He once did an erotic series of fornicating frogs in between hamburger buns for another gallery in Ontario -Nepenthe. Imagine them going heavily at it while trying to avoid sliding off the melted cheese. Hilarious and priceless!

David hadn't done ceramic work in recent years, which was a loss for the ceramic world. I feel very fortunate to have one of his pieces. I imagine there were a lot of smiling faces greeting him when he passed through the pearly gates which would only reflect all the smiles he gave us.

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