Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Peach pie and heating quotes

Here's the peach pie I made yesterday and along side it, the cinnamon roll ups I made from the leftover dough. This is always what my grandmother made with the leftover pie  dough - just roll it out thin, spread a thin layer of flour on it, a nice generous amount of sugar, then sprinkled with cinnamon.  Mix it on the rolled out dough with your fingers to combine, and spread it evenly. Then add lots of small pieces of butter. Roll it up the thickness you see and cut in little sections and bake till done. They're great with a cup of tea or coffee - crunchy, buttery, and cinnamon sweetness all rolled up in one little bite sized piece of heaven.

Another busy day with workmen in and out, starting at 7:30 am. The dog and cat pee saturated carpet was removed from the hall and the floor painted with a special paint to kill the odors and seal before the tile goes down. For a few hours the smell of that special paint was horrible, even with the door open. For a while there I was thinking the pee smell might have been better!

Then the handyman arrived to re-hang a repaired shade, and shortly after that the rep from the heating/cooling company came and after checking out the space and explaining the benefits of the heating/cooling system he was suggesting for the studio/garage, I asked what that would cost. I'm sure he wasn't happy with my lack of enthusiasm for his $3,500 quote! So I took a deep breath and asked if he could come up with a more reasonable alternative; and maybe let's just think about heat and forget the air conditioning. He promised to email me more information and quotes tomorrow. I need heat in there in the winter, but I'll just deal with the summer heat by adjusting my work hours and maybe get a good exhaust fan set in front of an open door. At some point the pool man came because he had to fix something he forgot to do yesterday. We are so ready to have all this work done so we can enjoy a normal day at our own pace.

By the time they all left, Jim announced that he was really hungry, so I pushed dinner time up and got to work in the kitchen. So there goes another day with no studio time. These days, once dinner is done, I'm done for the day other than computer and paper work.

I'm looking forward to the Olympic events starting at 8pm; and I will be watching from bed!


  1. Have you looked into a split system HVAC, June? I think they're pretty reasonable. Here's one:

  2. What memories you brought back for me with your cinnamon roll ups... that is how I learned to work with pie dough as a kid. My mom let me make cinnamon rolls with the leftover dough. I was probably about 5 or 6 years old when she let me take over making those.
    I have enjoyed following your big move to Oregon. Wishing you the best in your new digs :-)

  3. If it's insulated you could do this with 1 or 2 ceramic cube heaters and a window AC unit. $3500???

  4. Marian,the heating/cooling contractors $3,600 bid was for one of those split systems - Daikin.

    Yesterday I got two bids for just heat and the cheapest was for a gas heater that would sit high up near the ceiling and that one would be around $2,000 plus whatever an electrician would charge. I guess it has an electric starter. I'm still mulling this over. Today I'm going to try to work in there during the hottest part of the day, with the side door open, and one garage door partly open and see if that can cool it off enough. If it doesn't I just might have to go with the expensive set up. Also, the handyman is aiming to get the insulation up in the attic area of the garage Saturday, if Lowes hardware has the machine available to blow in the insulation. And I'm hoping that the insulation might help make the space cooler. So, it's a wait see right now.

  5. Dennis, I have no floor space for heaters and coolers, so my only choice it to get a system that suspends from the ceiling. I'm going to hold off on my decision until I see if insulating the attic space above the garage/studio helps with holding down the summer heat. If it does, then I just go with a gas heating unit near the ceiling and forget about air conditioning.