Thursday, July 19, 2012

Date night

Yesterday was a day of completion. The electrician and his assistant came at 6pm, worked till 9pm and got the rest of the studio and house electrical done. He still has some outside work to do, and some light installations when the dining room wall sconces arrive the end of August; but the studio electrical and plumbing work is finally done other than getting heat and possible cooling installed. Now I just have to find the time and energy to find places for everything.

The plumber was here early yesterday and got my small gas kiln hooked up with the 4 foot flex hose. He also  straightened out some of the wheels and legs that the movers had trashed.

 My third magnetic tool bar arrived yesterday, so I might try to get that up today if I can. Wall space is almost non existent at this point, so I'm going to have to find some convenient place to squeeze it in.

Now that we're done with breakfast (buckwheat pancakes this morning), I have to get out and do a bit of planting. There's a chance of thunder showers in a couple of hours, so I want to beat the rain if if decides to come this way. Then I have to call a heating company about studio heat and air before I head out for some flowers to a fill a pitcher I'm giving some friends as a house warming present.

Tonight is a date night, so I'm not going to tire myself too much today. I don't want to fall asleep during the dinner or the show at the Cabaret theater! It should be a fun night with a 60's music show "Life Could Be a Dream". They serve dinner before the show and dessert at intermission.  You can opt out of dinner or just have the dessert at intermission, which is what we usually did when we lived here before; but it's the height of the tourist season now, so parking would be problem if we opt for dinner elsewhere and this arthritic hip and knees cannot take long walks uphill right now.

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