Saturday, July 21, 2012

Party night

Tonight is party night so I'm going to pace myself with light chores today (no heavy digging in this Rogue valley's gravel and heavy clay soil). It took me an hour the other day to plant two small vines. The first 7 inches was gravel, then I hit the clay, which was holding a lot of water. I'm beginning to think that this container garden of mine was the best choice. At first I bemoaned the fact that I had almost zero planting space in the back yard. After digging in that soil, I've done a 360 degree turn around on that issue!

Not much to report on the studio front. The only thing remotely associated with that work has been to do some sketching and transferring some slip and glaze recipes into a notebook yesterday.

In the morning I arranged some flowers in one of my pitchers (a housewarming present for some friends); and got them delivered. Our sons house is next door to theirs, so we had a nice visit with the family watching him unpack all the fossils that they had dug in their family's South Dakota vacation trip. They had some very impressive finds - one of which was so rare it is going to a museum. Then we took a tour of our friends house. They were flying in in a couple of hours and the workers and decorators were madly rushing to have it all ready when they arrived.

From there we headed home with a stop to pick up a few groceries and then home to make a large batch of pineapple and black bean salsa for our son and daughter in laws big, yearly party. There are over 130 people coming this year, so my bowl of salsa is just going to be a drop in the bucket.

I'm taking my fishing pole, and my new beach chair and plan to sit by the river and enjoy the cool breezes while I cast a few.

Walking, feeding and cleaning up after animals, garden chores and making dinner (veggie yaki soba noodles), a meditation video and sleep filled out the rest of the day yesterday.

This morning I made potato salad for tomorrows dinner. Time now for some breakfast, then some garden chores followed by a studio time till the heat makes me seek the refuge of the air conditioned house. Hopefully next week I'll be able to get into the studio every morning, while it's cool and get everything finished.

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