Saturday, July 07, 2012

Day after fishing


I'm recuperating this morning from my 8 hour fishing trip. It was a glorious day, with 3 boats of 6 family members and a friend, on the Rogue river for a fish off. The only one who had keepers were our grand son Brandon who's in the boat photo with his Aunt Carleen.

We had walkie talkies between the boats  and had a grand time telling tall fish tales about our catches. :-) Everyone caught fish but you can't keep the wild salmon, or steel head - only the ones that have been introduced from the hatcheries; and only if they are in the right size range. They clip a fin behind the dorsal fin as means of identification for the hatchery fish.

The scenery down the river is so beautiful. The goslings that we saw in May look like adults now. This group hung around us while we fished this salmon hole. I think they sensed that we had also stopped for lunch here, so I shared a piece of my sandwich bread with them. They were not shy at all, so other river goers may do the same. 

Since my body was weary (8 hours of casting is fun, but tiring), it's been great to have some Wimbledon finals tennis to watch this morning. A big thumbs up to Serena Williams for winning her 5th Wimbledon singles title! Maybe she and Serena will take the women's doubles as well.

This morning I got the dining room chandelier and the new bench grinder unpacked . That grinder is very heavy so it may be a challenge getting it into the studio. If I can edge it on to a cart it will be doable.
I was hoping to get some planting done this morning, but these shoulders need another day or rest before I put a shovel in my hands for any length of time. So hand watering and dead heading the flowers was it for today. Since Bonnie kitty is now an indoor cat and sulking, I bought her a harness and have taken her out a bit yesterday and today. I would say we are going for walks, but it's more like 2 steps, drag kitty, who then rolls over on her back and gives me a look of "I dare you"! Progress is slow, but she has actually taken a few normal steps on her own here and there. Only time will tell if this experiment is going to work. At least on the harness and leash, she's satisfied to sit on my lap outdoors.

We've noticed that many neighbors open their garage doors about ten inches from the bottom. We thought it may be to cool things off, so we tried it last night and this morning and it works! I actually got about a half hour in the studio this morning. Usually it's even too hot on a morning like this, but I did get to hang up some tools and put others away, so I'll continue that job after the tennis. After all, Wimbledton only comes once a year!

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  1. Kevin Carter7/8/12, 3:46 PM

    We have our studio in the garage, and when we fire our kiln we raise the door about a foot or so for the overnight firing. We also put a box fan so that it blows on the controller, preventing overheating. That has been particularly necessary in the recent 100F temps we have been having lately.