Sunday, July 01, 2012

Good night for linguini and pesto

Pesto in a sweet Brita Jepson porcelain bowl.

My little container garden is working pretty well so far. The basil is lush, so it was time to harvest some and make pesto for tonight's linguini dinner. 

The one small mint plant I put in a low wide pot about a month ago, has now filled up the pot! Mojitos can't be far away!

We've been enjoying a fairly lazy Sunday starting with a drive to our sons house to see our daughter in law and grand kids who've just come up for the summer. Wish I could have stayed and fished, but the electrician had kindly agreed to come over and fix the problem  (no power  in the back yard). It was an easy fix and while here, he also installed a couple of flood lights in the Kwan yin container corner. I can't wait to see it lit up tonight.

While I did my hand watering and dead headed all these containers flowers, Jim moved a bunch of stuff out of the garage and into our new tool shed, which will help a lot with de-cluttering the very tight garage/studio space. I thought I would get some planting in when we got back from the river, but it was way too hot out to stay out there any longer, so planting will have to wait till tomorrow morning.

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