Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Hoping for a salmon later today

I want one of these! This is the tour guide and our grandson Brandon with his first salmon catch. He had to throw it back because it was a wild one. The good regulations from the past several years have really brought back the wild salmon.

Yesterday was a  big grocery shopping morning, and another cooking day - my first experience with a new table stop Weber using the indirect cooking technique. The clone recipe for chicken El Pollo Loco was great, but I had to brown it under the broiler because the charcoal heated up faster than the 1/2 hr that the Weber instructions said. It was definitely worth the trouble of putting together the new barbecue and everything else that went into it. Next time will go better and quicker! In fact, I've already decided to do barbecue shrimp next time, using an Emeril Lagasse recipe which I found on the Internet this morning.

Between those activities and regular household and garden chores, there was no time to get into the studio to put more things away.

Our dining room chandelier, according to Lighting Direct is on it's way from Illinois. All I can say is "let there be light!", and soon!

Handyman hasn't been around for a couple of days. Hopefully he'll show soon to finish the few little projects in the studio and finish putting together my outdoor potting table. So much of my organizing  is being held up for these last few jobs.

We're leaving here in a bit for another Lowe's hardware run for paint samples and a bunch of other things. When we get back I should get some studio organizing time before we head to our sons for wood fired pizza. I might even leave early to get in some fishing. The salmon are running now and I have a brand new Weber Smoky Mt. smoker that I'm eager to test on either smoked trout, salmon or steel head. 

My clay and underglazes should be here in another week or so and I'm hoping that the studio will at least be ready enough to throw some test tiles and batch some earthenware slips, glazes and under glazes.

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  1. Being a Lowe's sales associate for over nine years, it will be worth the time to set up your 'MyLowes' project card. It's similar to the grocery store 'affinity cards', but it allows you to keep tabs of your home-improvement purchases (if you need to print out shopping lists or purchase invoices for tax purposes), paint color buys (the card electronically remembers your paint colors and the original formulas--so you don't have to keep your paint cans in your garage), and plenty of online tools to help plan your projects.

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    The next time you head out to Lowe's, ask for a 'MyLowes' card brochure. It is absolutely free and IS NOT a credit card. You can put one card on your key fob, one in your wallet, and two code stickers on the most frequently-used credit and/or ID cards. You can also link up to 20 'MyLowes' cards per person. You can have one (or more) for personal use and one (or more) for commercial projects, such as Shambhala Pottery.