Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tools hung, tempura and sake night

 Since I lost a lot of wall space in the move, I came up with this idea of making a backing for my jewelry bench that would hold a magnetic tool bar. The other tool bar was installed next to the studio sink and I realize that I need just one more of these for my lapidary area. Slowly, but surely, it's coming together.

It's been another busy day starting with watering my planter garden, breakfast, trip to our son and daughter in laws house to harvest their veggies and visit a bit, then some grocery and other shopping before heading home. 

We were in Ashland yesterday and I  just couldn't resists buying a huge, expensive, Brandywine tomato and some fresh mozzarella. For lunch I made a mixed green salad with a simple vinaigrette and put tomato slices, topped with mozzarella slices,  drizzled with olive oil and and fresh basil. Jim loved it and remarked how pretty it was. I should have taken a picture! Then it was time to get all my veggies cleaned, peeled and cut and ready for tonight's miso soup, vegetable tempura and rice dinner. The sake will definitely be chilled tonight!

George the handyman showed when I was midway into this blog, so I was back in the studio for quite a while. I got my little wall area put together and George hung it for me. He also got my new extruder up and got the two of the magnetic tool holders up. After dinner I need to order another one of those as well as a bunch of 2 cup and 1 qt heavy plastic jars to replace those contaminated with a ferric chloride spill. :-(

The movers had turned one of the boxes with oxides, chlorides, etc. upside down and the ferric chloride saturated the box, got on the studio floor and made a huge mess on all the containers of oxides, bags of stain, etc.etc.. So I put on some heavy rubber gloves, mixed up some soapy water and started wiping down all the containers. I also had a little bit of time to get some small buckets labeled and filled with some raw materials.

My rice is cooking, the oil is heating and the sake is cooling. I'm really going to enjoy a do nothing relaxing, after dinner time watching some tennis and getting to bed early for a good nights sleep to recharge this old battery for another busy day tomorrow.


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