Friday, July 06, 2012

A day of wine and roses

Our daughter in law brought me a dozen, beautiful yellow roses yesterday. They're very sweet in this Robin Hopper pitcher.

The Brent manual extruder arrived yesterday. I ordered the largest manual unit so I could use my large dies, and that is one heavy piece of equipment! Jim can't lift anything, so it was up to me to get the box in the house and unpack it. There's no way I can hang this thing myself so I will have to wait for the handyman to grace us with his presence.

Two of the grand kids came over to in the afternoon to swim. Fortunately I opened the new pool toys I bought for them early, because they required a pump which I didn't have, so good old fashioned human air did the job. I was exhausted after blowing up two big toys, but the kids had a ball with them. There are two more left and I will be buying a pump to do those!

Other than cooking and baby sitting, the only other thing I had time for yesterday,was getting my last planter planted and doing some garden watering and cleanup. After dinner and a glass of wine I was ready to relax.

Today is a family fish off on the Rogue river. Our son has booked 3 boats and guides and some of us will be cruising down the river to fish for salmon, steel head and trout. Lunch is provided, so we can just sit back and fish and enjoy the day on this beautiful river. The winner of the fish off gets gloating rights! :-)


  1. Sounds like a plan for a great day.

  2. Be sure to post pictures of the fish! (especially if they are on one of your plates!) ;-)