Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Yesterday I got a lot of my throwing and trim tools unpacked and hung up, and the rest of the day was spent on grocery shopping, garden chores and cooking. I'll try to continue this project right after lunch if it's not too hot in there.

We're in a major heat wave (expecting mid to high 90's all week), so studio time has been mainly limited to early morning with the garage doors partly open, which really helps.We're also leaving them open a tad at night which makes the garage nice and cool in the morning.

The electrician came at 7 o'clock last night, but only had a few minutes to spare, so we had him hang the dining room chandelier; but he promised to come next Wednesday with a helper and finish everything else.

After  morning hand watering and re-arranging  a lot of  the planters , I ordered some food items on line. No stores here sell Open Pit Barbecue sauce, which is my favorite for some recipes.  I was able to get it on, as well as ordering some of my Thai ingredients to replace those I gave away when we moved.

The plumber won't be able to get here until next week to hook up the small gas kiln, and the handyman can't come till Wednesday or Thursday to hang the extruder and finish the rest of the jobs. Now  I need to look up some heating/cooling companies to see if we can tap into the house system to cool and heat the garage.

I got all the dinner prep done for our Pasta Puttanesca dinner, before breakfast, so  dinner will only take me about 10-15 minutes. Our local, monthly, glaze club meeting is tonight and I'd really love to go if I'm not too wiped.


  1. June, I am about to do exactly what you have just done. The new studio at the other house is almost ready to start moving equipment over. I just thought I would let you know that I have one of those heating/cooling units like you see in hotels in the studio I have now. It is in a separate building so couldn't tap into the house. This unit works great and fills the need of my 340 sq. ft. studio. I bought one that was a little bigger than I needed, glad I did. FYI, just in case the house connection does not work.

  2. Thanks Dolita. I need to explore all the possibilities. Right now I'm hoping they can either tap into the house heating/cooling or give me something that can suspend from the ceiling, because I have no wall space to spare.

  3. I didn't know you had started up on the blog again! So I just got caught up. I'm up in Asheville and loving it. But ii miss seeing you guys. Doesn't feel quite right. Dad comes up Friday and Monday we are porch sitting with Laura and Jim so maybe that will help. Glad your settling in there.

  4. Hi Andrea - sure miss not being able to see you this summer! Give Jim and Laura a huge hug from us. We miss them terribly!
    I've managed to squeeze in a few blog posts recently; but there's still so much unpacking, gardening and house and studio organizing to do. It looks like this is going to take all summer and maybe into fall to finish!