Sunday, July 01, 2012

Lobster one night pierogis the next

We had a great lobster/53rd anniversary dinner at our son's last night. The good host that he is, he cracked all those lobsters for everyone. We also had some lovely crab cakes and stuffed baked potatoes. To say I was a bit over served with fabulous wines is an understatement; but I'm plodding along pretty well, considering!

After breakfast this morning, I started making pierogis. The potatoes were boiling, the onions  sauteed and the dough was made and resting and so was I when I started this blog message; but George, the handyman arrived soon after I started, and I had to go over the days activities with him.

The first job of the day was to set everything up to spray insulation into the studio/garage attic space; but after hooking up and plugging in the equipment he found the unit that Lowe's loaned him was a dud, and on top of that, plugging it in caused an electrical problem and now all our outdoor lights, plugs, fountain, etc are not working; and we couldn't find the root of the problem, so hopefully the electrician will get back to us soon.

After George re-packed all the hoses, and paraphernalia for the insulation project, he put up the shelves behind my wheel, put together the  Rubbermaid tool shed and started on my outdoor potting bench.  When he was part way through, the rain came so he called it quits, but I still had to a lot more pierogis to make.

Making pierogis  took me over 6 hours but I made enough to deliver some to our son and his family for a couple of dinners and had plenty more for our freezer and tonight's dinner.

After cleanup and dinner I checked all the outlets in the studio and all is working there. I checked all the GFI's outside and none had any power. I'll let the electricians solve that problem. I shifted focus and sorted through some studio things and put others away; but that was a short, wishful, burst of energy fed only by willpower or stubbornness.

My battery needs recharging, so it's time to recline and look for something to watch on Netflix before sweet sleep.


  1. Todd Schuster7/1/12, 8:07 AM

    Hi June. Congratulations to you & big Jim on your anniversary. Many many more! Hope all's well in Oregon. Pierogis & lobster sound good.