Friday, June 29, 2012

Shopping, shopping and more shopping

I got some early studio time moving finished pots on to a bigger cart and putting a few more things away. Then it was time for breakfast and shopping! First stop was Lowe's for wood, and shelf brackets for another studio project, fire extinguisher, wire mesh for the gas burners to stop back burning, buckets, etc. etc.

Then it was on to TJ Max in hopes of finding a matching planter to finish off the trio near one corner of the pool. I didn't have much hope of them having them any more since stock like that comes and goes quickly, but I got very lucky and bought the last one. I also treated myself to a new purse. :-)

A quick, drive through, lunch and on to the next stop to buy a flexible gas hose. The propane place doesn't stock them but can order one. Those things are pricey! So I only ordered a 4 footer and will hard plumb the gas to the ground and add the flex hose so I can wheel the kiln away from the walls.

It's our anniversary (53 years) and our son is having us over for a lobster dinner. We went out to dinner with friends last night and we had the most incredible, warm salad with home made gnocchi, fava beans, tidbits of crispy pork belly and mixed greens. The gnocchi was the lightest I've ever tasted - amazing dish! The bacon wrapped quail wasn't bad either!

When we got home last night the electricians were here working on the exterior lighting and they stayed till after 9 to finish installing the exhaust for the electric kiln and moving one of the outlets, since the location would have put it under my wheel - not convenient at all.  They'll will have to come back in a week and a half to finish the rest of the electrical work outside and in the garage. By that time I should have the studio well on it's way to being done - I hope!