Thursday, June 14, 2012

Slow going, but going

I'm still waiting to get enough shelving up in my new studio space so I can make more headway with unpacking and organizing the area. It's all going slower than I'd like, but maybe it's a good thing that I'm getting some time to ease the pace of the last several months, which has been crazy. At least I'm  making some progress with the container gardening. Here are a few new ones. I'm looking forward to seeing them when they fill out more in the next month or so.

The electrician was here a couple of days ago to install a new power box. He comes after work and could only stay a few hours, so the kiln hookup and finishing the box and getting more lighting installed and extra outlets will have to wait till he can come again; but he has promised to finish it all next Tuesday.

The handyman finally showed and got two ten foot shelves put up in the studio and a few other jobs around the house. Hopefully he'll show tomorrow as promised and I can get some more shelves installed.

The plumber hasn't been in touch, so I guess my studio sink that he ordered hasn't arrived and neither has the clay trap I ordered.

Today I made good headway in my office/meditation room, and the back yard is really starting to take shape. If I could get two or three days just for the garden, I would have it finished.

I unpacked in the office till around 3 and then we headed to Ashland for an early dinner which was fabulous - freshly made linguini with morels, bacon, smoked chicken and a creamy gorgonzola sauce and fresh basil. We're really enjoying having all these great dining choices and good and varied shopping nearby. I had forgotten how much we missed all these conveniences.


  1. I was just talking about you yesterday! Gerry and I were sitting on the porch contemplating what it would be like to move to Maine and I was describing to him the move you just made. If you can go through what you did, I can move again one of these days! I'll just read back over your blog for inspiration :)

  2. Of course you can! I'd suggest not watching till you're in your 70's though!
    Jim's niece visited Maine last year and has decided that's where she wants to retire. I've never been but it certainly looks spectacular in the travel shows I've seen. And of course, there's all that lobster. :-)(we won't mention how cold and damp it may be for old bones).
    The Oregon coast is beautiful too and not as cold (no lobster but lots of Oysters and other fishing).