Saturday, June 16, 2012

No handyman no new shelves

This corner is a work in progress. Most of the pots for this area are planted and I just have to get them arranged a bit better.

Another no show day yesterday, for George, the handyman. I figure he has a pattern of showing up 1 out of 3 promised days, so I'll have to re-arrange my thinking here! I asked him to at least drop off the wood for the shelving, figuring I'd be able to get some of the smaller shelves up myself this weekend; but he didn't show for that either, so it looks like there won't be much more studio unpacking till he decides to grace us with his presence once again.

We spent yesterday morning running around shopping for brackets and screws for the shelves which never got installed, and a few other shopping stops  and then I spent several hours in the afternoon  gardening. I got a couple of clematis planted, filled and planted 4 window boxes which will sit on a narrow ledge near one of the side fences, as well as a couple more herbs and perennials. Then it was time to cook a simple steak and salad dinner, and call it a day.

The universe has a warped sense of humor. Wherever I have lived, it's always been a struggle with the soil - rocks, adobe clay, etc.. So we buy a retirement house with a backyard that's 99% concrete and pool with one narrow strip near the back shelves with about 7" of soil and that little strip is filled with rocks and gray clay. The clay is sticky stuff, sitting about  5-6" down. A coil cracks when bending, so I'm think this may be fire clay. This Rogue Valley is filled with clay. I don't know if it's a leftover from ancient volcanic activity from nearby Mt. McLaughlin or native metamorphic rock aging over the millennium. When I have the studio set up I should try to throw and fire a little test cup with it.

Tonight we have our first porch sitting with old friends - nachos and margaritas by the pool. The morning will be spent out and about doing more shopping. I've decided to plant the climbing rose in a big pot because there's no way I can dig out enough of that clay  in such a narrow strip and get this big climbing rose transplanted.  So, after breakfast out at our local greasy spoon (they have a very good breakfast), we'll head to Costco (another perk of living here) and pick up one of their big pots, then off for some more plant and food shopping, home again for some porch sitting prep, and ending the day poolside.


  1. The handiest guy in the world is no good if he is somewhere else.Good luck.

  2. Sounds like finding a new handyman is in order! Your garden is looking good, June.

  3. Nearly every contractor I have ever hired has behaved the same way, so you are not alone, June.
    I once had a carpenter tell me, on a Monday, that he would be back on Thursday; he was, but it was the Thursday after the next, ten days later! Apparently only the contractor's time is valuable, not yours.
    Find a new handyman, there doesn't seem to be a shortage these days.
    Hang in there, it will eventually come together!

    1. We have another handyman Ken, unfortunately for us, he spends every summer working in Alaska and won't be back here for another month or so. He did good work the two times he was here and he did come when he said. I don't know if he'll be any better than the current guy long term, so I guess it's best to have a couple available.