Saturday, June 23, 2012

Out and about

George the handyman actually showed up two days ago and finished the last couple of shelves and put together another end table for the patio furniture and the fire pit. Now the grand kids can roast marshmallows after swimming.

Having those extra shelves up was a huge help. I've gotten a lot of things put away and emptied several more boxes.  When my hip and knees gave out, I used my rest time to order some things for the house and studio - a couple of magnetic tool holders, a new Bailey hand extruder (sold my pneumatic one since I had no space to spare for the large compressor, nor did I think the neighbors would appreciate the noise), and another small, sturdy table to put between the sink and wheel.  The extruder was on sale which was a nice surprise!

Since the plumber didn't show as promised, nor call, I'll just guess at the sink width since most of those single laundry tubs are pretty much the same width. I've measured the area around my wheel and just have to get to Lowe's in the next few days and get the wood for shelves and background to store and hang throwing, trimming and some other tools.

Now that the shelves are up in the glazing area, it's time to restock the raw materials that I'll need for testing low fire slips and glazes. I'll be doing that right after lunch. I also need to look at the available clays. Hopefully they'll have the new earthenware from Georgie's that I want to test. It looks like one that I may be able take up to at least cone 1.

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