Monday, June 25, 2012

Early to bed early to rise

Here's a nice throwing demo by Phil Rogers.                                                                            

Phil Rogers 'Throwing Demonstration' from on Vimeo.

Yesterday I got the wood for the shelving set up  behind my wheel. It took forever going through all that wood, trying to find un-warped boards with knots not in the wrong places, and then waiting a long time for someone to come and cut one of the boards.I don't have the right clamps to glue the boards, so handyman George took them home to do the job.

It's been a busy day starting with taking Bodhi to the groomers right after breakfast, grocery and  garden shopping, picked up Bodhi, then back home for a bit of other chores.  Mid afternoon we were off to the pottery supply store to pick up my order which they didn't have time to finish Saturday, then back home to make a pasta casserole, and finally getting some relaxation time catching up with correspondence.

The local pottery supply is somewhat limited in stock they carry on a regular basis, but they can get things from Georgies in Portland. The earthenware I wanted to try is going to take 2-3 weeks to get here, since that's about the next time the local supplier will be getting their next order. They also don't carry Amaco velvet or lug under glazes. Fortunately I still have a lot of work to do in the studio before I'll be ready to get started on that project and hopefully by the time the rest of the raw materials and clay arrive,  the studio will be ready to go. In the future I'll have to make sure that I order things way ahead of time if I want to support our local supplier and avoid heavy shipping costs.

Meantime, there's  still a lot of studio work to be done -  rest of the outlets installed (promised for tomorrow night), insulation blown into the crawl space above the studio/garage and more shelving, both of which George promises to do on Saturday, getting a heater installed,  getting the gas kiln hooked up and last, but not least, a sink, which is getting installed early tomorrow morning.

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