Thursday, June 07, 2012

We now have a small area for porch sitting or for watching the grand kids on their swimming visits. It took a while to find a set with a love seat and chairs that rocked a bit for comfort. That area is small and wouldn't take a full sized sofa. 

Feeling wiped after 4 hrs sleep and a very busy, on my feet all day kind of day yesterday; but I got a lot done. George the handyman showed up, two hours later then promised, which seems to be his norm,  and together we put together 3 metal shelving units and a metal cart. It would have been 4 shelving units, but seems the movers lost or helped themselves to four poles and 3 shelves from one of my heavy, chrome, shelving units. So now I have a couple of extra shelves and no poles, so I'll have to check the manufacturer and see if I can buy some replacements.

We also got another hanging shelf installed in the studio. I'm not thrilled with it hovering over my head when I'm wedging and throwing, but that was the last place in garage/studio where it would fit. Since every inch of the new, smaller studio space is so precious, I'm having to go upward for more household storage and save the floor shelving for studio storage as much as possible.

It was also a gardening day, starting at first light, getting a couple more planters filled with soil and planted, potted and staked another tomato, swept the whole back yard (concrete is a lot more care than grass!), and got the hand watering done.

Several deliveries came yesterday so I was unpacking some larger planters, an outdoor end table which will have to be put together today and new, copper hose bowl, which came with a dent in one side and since the box wasn't damaged it make me think they sent me a flawed product.

If George the handyman shows today with replacement boards (yesterdays 20 ft board had a crack down the center), we'll be putting up a couple of heavy wood shelves to hold smaller buckets of raw materials. Since the morning rain has cooled things down, it should be another good day to do some more studio unpacking and put more things away.

If it clears by late afternoon as forecast, I'll get soil in the two larger planter that arrived yesterday, and get them planted. I'm hoping to have all the planters on hand planted and in place by the end of the weekend or at the latest, early in the week.

Before I start working I need to find out how to treat a big toe infection (have no idea how this happened!.) Maybe google will have the answers.


  1. Hi June...your sitting area looks lovely...I'm sure once you get into the planter gardener mode you'll be super. I'm working on my second pottery planter, to tranplant a gardenia into finally. Fingers crossed as it's in glaze firing right now. The wheel I bought from you is still working great. And the Black Mountain studio folks have greatly enjoyed the magazines you donated. Are your ears burning as we talk about you? Hope your toe thing clears up easily. Barb

  2. Sounds like your starting to get settled in! Hope your new studio isn't too small :o