Sunday, June 03, 2012

Day of rest - sort of

Yesterday was a busy gardening day and working with George, the handyman who was able to get three trellises installed, hang some shelves in the laundry room and put together a couple of shelving units in the garage/studio. I planted several herbs,filled and planted a couple more planters and staked some of the tomatoes which I'm growing in plastic growers bags. Here my first effort to cover some of the well worn wood fencing in our back yard. These will hopefully get fuller in the weeks to come.

When you halve your living and working spaces, and have to make do with about 1/10th of your former gardening space, you have to find storage above and do some vertical planting  which also helps a bit to soften the old wood fencing.

Now that I have some shelving I'll be able to start unpacking some of those studio boxes and doing a bit of organizing in the garage tomorrow. A colder, rainy spell is on the way so the garage will be a more comfortable working environment for a couple of days.

After dinner I did a google search looking for some possible new information on cone 3 and found that in 2006 Joseph Conrad published a Cone 3 book of slip, clay bodies and glazes, so I ordered a copy from Axners.

After breakfast we'll head to Lowe's  to pick up a third hanging storage shelf for the garage. Then we're going to treat ourselves to a half a day off and drive to the mountains toward Crater Lake. Mid way you reach the pines which Jim loves, and a nice little, rustic  lunch place with great home made pies, and hopefully a burger for Jim. The rain isn't expected till later in the day, so it should be a lovely drive.

If I'm not too tired when we get back and weather permits, there's more garden work or unpacking waiting. I'd be happy if I could just get the 2 clematis planted that I didn't get to yesterday.

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