Monday, July 30, 2012

Playing is hard work

This is an area across from our sons house on the Rogue River, called Horse Shoe Falls, which is also the name of our sons ranch. This is a big salmon hole which we fished the other day. It was at the end of our fishing trip and we had other things to do later in the day otherwise we would have spent a lot more time at this spot!

Our son took me on another day fishing trip on the Rogue Friday and then Friday night he got us all great seating at the Britt Festival for the Steve Martin and band concert (which was great!). Saturday we were wiped from all the casting and fresh air on the river and all the wine and other goodies at our picnic at the concert! So we just took the day off and watched the Olympics and got bills paid and caught up with other paper work and email.

The grand kids have been coming over to use the pool and of course they want us to watch all their tricks. Our 8 year old grand daughter was watching the Olympic swimming events and announced loudly "I can do that", and proceeded to hit the pool and swim at record pace, doing the Australian crawl! We just sat there stunned at how fast she swam. She also demonstrated the breast stroke and the butterfly stroke. Amazing! Her mother is now thinking about looking at getting her into a swim program. Sounds like a very good idea to me! She's a natural. I'm starting to think she may have done this in a past life!

Needless to say I have not have any time for the studio at all over the weekend and may not for another couple of days. Dealing with making appointments and having meetings with tile/carpet people and finding that the hall carpeting can't be salvaged from the cat pee (don't ask!), heating/cooling people about getting my studio/garage done, gardener (who currently had a big, open hole in the front yard where a water line broke), pool man (who still can't figure out why some of the controls aren't working),  shopping, gardening and cooking and playing have used up all my time and energy. Moving into a new house sure brings on a whole new host of minor and some not so minor problems that need to be dealt with, apart from all the unpacking and re-decorating.

This morning I spent a lot of time in the garden. All the tomato plants and roses needed trimming and pruning and everything got a good hand watering.

The grand kids will be coming over to swim in a bit and after lunch I want to make a peach pie with the beautiful home grown peaches our lovely daughter in law brought me yesterday. Their home orchard is really producing well this year.

My own little container garden is now giving me a lot of cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and my first beefsteak tomato yesterday. That will be  lunch for Jim and me today - tomato sandwich on whole wheat with a lot of mayonnaise, salt and fresh ground pepper.

I must get into the studio tomorrow or the next day and continue with the unpacking.Thursday I have more materials being delivered by an old acquaintance from our old glaze group, who I sold and gave a lot of things to when we moved east 12 years ago. I'm buying back the old, blue Cornwall stone, Spodumene, tin, zinc and a bunch of other materials that she hasn't used and she's giving me some of the free materials I gave her at that time. Good thing I bought all those new 2 gallon buckets a few days ago. Those new shelves will be filled to capacity by the end of the week.

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  1. How are the animals adjusting to the move?