Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mojito and pizza

It was another Mojito night. These are great with pizza!

Yesterday I picked up part of my pottery order. It's been 3 weeks and they still haven't gotten an order into the larger supplier in Portland, so I'm still waiting for a pug of low fire clay and a few other items so I can start testing those earthenware slips and glazes. They did have all the small bottles of lug underglazes which they must have ordered through Laguna rather than Georgies. Good thing I'm still unpacking and not in a major rush for these things.

I've only gotten a bit of studio unpacking time in the past two days. At this point I'm switching back and forth from the studio to my office; but I did manage to empty a couple of boxes. Sorting through lots of small pottery and jewelry tools and finding places for everything has been a big challenge because of space limitations, so we've been putting up a lot of shelves and racks of one sort or another to hold much of this stuff.

We have shopping and other chores to do now that they've they delivered  the replacement love seat (the first one had a problem so they brought the floor model today). Unfortunately, that one has a defective seat cushion, so they have to bring back a replacement tomorrow. I think we're once again victims of mercury retrograde! LOL 

Rain is in the forecast for today and tomorrow but I still had to hand water all the potted things. The tomato plants, and eggplants in those white plastic grower bags are huge, and they need at least one very deep watering each day which takes me about a half a hour every morning. This fall or next spring I'm going to have someone build me a deep, long, permanent raised bed for those veggies, and everything is going to be on a drip system.

Well, that's the studio and garden and kitchen report for the day.  Time to head out for some lunch and a big grocery and other shopping trip.


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  1. that mojito looks good june and mines is crystal light mocktails