Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A days work

Finally got a bit of studio time after breakfast and garden work. I put some things away and hung the rest of the tools near my wheel. The wedging table is cleared and I got the wire and turnbuckles installed. It wasn't too hot in there today, so I was able to complete some things and sort through a lot of stuff.

The tile man finished all the prep on the hall floor and now he's cutting and laying the back hall tile. The rest of the tile in the living areas is a mess because the original grout was thinned too much and some is popping off. On top of that the previous owners had some of the areas re-grouted but the new grout is darker than the original, so the overall effect is that it makes the floor look dirty. :-(  Hopefully by the end of the week this new tile job will be done, other than replacing and painting the baseboards, and maybe they can fit us in to dig out and replace all that old grout.

The gardener was supposed to get my drip system installed today on all my container plantings; but he just called and had to cancel because someone has an emergency with a broken irrigation pipe. So I'll have to hand water a few more days.

I thought my Lowe's hardware shopping was done for a while, but the box that sat on the shelf of my slab roller went walkies in the move, so I have to build another one.  Right now the slab roller it filled with many of the things that belonged in that box.

Our daughter-in-law is trying her hand at Indian food for the first time, tonight.  I know it's going to be delicious, not only because she's a great cook, but she's using a couple of my favorite recipes. Life is very good!   


  1. Wow! It looks like a pottery tool store in there! Looks like you are getting it somewhat together, maybe enough to do some throwing soon?

  2. That's what you get when you consolidate tools from 3 wheels down to 1!
    No throwing for a bit. My supplier still hasn't put in an order to her distributor for my low fire clay. The only clay I have is a pug of cone 10 which I bought to make draw tiles for my small soda kiln.
    There's still a lot more organizing to do in there and a lot more house things to deal with, so throwing, other than test tiles when that low fire clay finally arrives, will be it for a while.