Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Busy morning and now off to the studio

We had a great drive up to Fish lake yesterday - lovely lunch among the pines and then back home. Some packages of buckets for the studio and the last of our light fixtures (two wall scones for the dining room) had arrived and had to be unpacked. We were so relaxed from the drive and time at the lake, that I never made it to the studio other than to put the buckets away! By that time it was time to feed the animals and think about dinner; but this morning is another matter.

I was up early got all the regular morning chores done, harvested the days gifts from the garden,  and got tonight's Thai cucumber salad pretty well finished. Just have to wait another twenty minutes while the salt works it magic on the sliced cucumbers and  then they get rinsed and put in with the dressing. I'll be making egg and ground pork Thai Omelettes (Kai Tord Gup Moo)for dinner - something I' ve never made before; but Jim loves eggs, and I think I'll be OK with the recipe since it has fish sauce, garlic and cilantro in the mix (things to mask the taste of eggs which I barely tolerate).

My goal today was to be in the studio by 10am or close to it and I'm on schedule - just have to take those after breakfast vitamins, grab my Ipod and head out.

After an early dinner we'll go down to the river and I'll harvest whatever is ready at our sons place, let Bodhi have a big run (one of his newest  favorite things) and if I'm not too tired from this busy day I may just bring my fishing pole and cast a few!

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