Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Grandparents day

It's harvest time so yesterday was a day to do something with a couple of the eggplants. I roasted them and they've been marinating overnight in a garlic vinaigrette with lots of fresh basil and oregano, for an appetizer on warm, crunchy baguette tonight. Later today I have to figure out what to do with some of these tomatoes. I have more than I need for fresh eating and not quite enough to make a tomato bisque which we both like.

Today we're baby sitting one of our grand children. Aidan is eight years old and recently he's taken an interest in rocks and fossils, so we're surprising him with a visit to a local rock museum, then taking him up to lake country for his favorite lunch - a cheeseburger!

Yesterday I got some more studio time just putting things away and going through my notebook of earthenware slip and glaze recipes and getting them on work sheets so I'll be ready to start on them as soon as they install the air/heat in there, which they've promised to do tomorrow. This morning I was in there unpacking the Skutt kiln and spent a little bit more time on the endless job of putting things away. I cleared the slab roller and it's  now ready to roll our some slabs for those earthenware slip, glaze and under glaze tests. I just have to find time between dealing with all these workers, doctors appointments, cooking and garden work.

The gardener is coming again today and he still has to do work on getting this watering right, both in the lawn and bedding area and in all my containers. He's had at least 4 visits and still not finished. In the meantime, I'm still spending a great deal of time hand watering twice a day - time I'd prefer to be spending in the studio.

My other time consuming job yesterday was more cooking and planting. There are only a couple of more small pots of herbs and flowers to plant and I'll be done for the season. Hopefully I can get to those when I get back from my early podiatrist appointment  tomorrow depending on what he does with my unhappy big toe toe. I'm not looking forward to that visit at all!

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