Monday, August 27, 2012

Interesting tests with zircopax versus tin on stoneware body

Tony Hansen posted this on Facebook and it's a valuable comparison test between tin and zircopax. The zircopax wins in this case and the 10% zircopax works fine. Putting in 50% more with the 15% addition doesn't make it 50% brighter, so it could be a big saving with these expensive zircon based opacifiers.

Time to set the TV to tape the US open tennis in case the weather clears while we're off to the lake for lunch. There should be time for the studio this afternoon.

I had an early meeting with the handyman about building me two large raised beds - 8 ' long X 4' wide and 2' deep. That along with 3 earth boxes should give me plenty of space for growing veggies next year along with a little space I have on the east side of the house which provides enough sun for kale, beans and chard. 

Tim our tile guy  called and asked it we put put off re-grouting the tile floors till next week, which is fine with us since we're not expecting more company for another six weeks. He gave me the name of the builder of our house, so hopefully I can track down the paint colors used on the house, since a sample of the stucco can't do a proper reading using the computers and if we can find the right color it will save us a lot of time and money having to paint all the trim. Sometimes I think we could have built a new house in as much time as it's taking us to make everything right in this one!

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  1. Great test tiles, I like how they really pick up the speckle in the clay!