Thursday, August 09, 2012

The Red Menace

Another blogger yesterday was referring to his current working with earthenware as the "red Menace", which make me think I may be having an interesting time when these two different pugs of red clay arrive next week. Georgie's has a new red earthenware which has just been released for limited sales, and the other one is a Laguna body.

 I've never worked with terra cotta other than a young child digging it out of my grandparents garden during my summer stays with them in Coaldale, Pennsylvania, so I have no idea what to expect. The new Georgie's body has no Redart and has some iron bearing fireclay and is supposed to be pretty plastic for an earthenware, so we'll see.

The gardener was here yesterday and got about half of my containers set up for a drip system and will finish the others tomorrow. It only took me 20 minutes to water this morning and I'm hoping that by the time I get home mid afternoon, I'll find everything looking healthy and well watered!

Breakfast is done and time to get going to Lowe's for more buckets for the studio, then on to the clay supplier to pick up the things I ordered about 6 weeks ago, which have finally arrived from Georgies in Eugene. They didn't have the new red clay, so I'm getting that directly from the Portland store. The shipping was more than the clay, even in a priority box, but driving 5 hours each way would have cost a lot more!

Then we're off for a pub lunch and home. Tomorrow the handyman is coming to finally get the studio attic space insulated. Lowe's has not gotten their machine for blowing in insulation fixed, so he's going to hand distribute some of the bags and do the rest with the more expensive insulation. By Sunday I should know if that, and an open side door make that garage/studio cool enough to work in the heat of the day. Once that's determined I can get the heating/cooling people out here to do whatever they have to to get that space warm enough and cool enough if necessary, so I can get to work. If all goes as planned, and all workers come when promised, most of the studio and house and garden fixes and installations should be done by the first week of September.

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