Thursday, August 02, 2012

A Smorgasbord kind of day

After a busy day I managed to get a nice dinner made - mushroom ragout over polenta with home grown zucchini and cherry tomato saute with fresh herbs. I'm always looking for vegetarian recipes that Jim will more than tolerate and this was a big winner with him. If you want the recipe, just google  Mushroom ragout Lidia Bastianich, and you'll find it.

Our day started at 7:30 with the arrival of the tile guy. He has all the tile cut and laid and will do the grouting and finish tomorrow. Yeah!

After breakfast I headed to the studio and finished the cleanup from last week mess. Today mainly involved some heavy mopping and wipe down. I also emptied a couple more boxes and moves a lot of stuff around, and labeled and filled a few 2 gallon buckets with raw materials.

Jim took my wood list and got the wood for the box I want to make to hold some tools for my slab work. Lowes hardware would only make some of the cuts, so I'll either live with the 9" height of the box I want to make, or I'll have our handyman when he shows to do the insulation, to make those 4 cuts for me. My work day is done, so I'll check that out tomorrow. morning.

An old glaze group friend came by late morning with some raw materials I was buying from her, as well as some freebies. Those materials were some I sold or gave away to her 12 years ago!. So I got some old Spodumene, and some of the old blue Cornwall stone , some of my old wood ash that I gave her,  some calcined zinc and some freebie Lincoln 60 fire clay, and some talc. It was a good arrangement for both of us.

Then it was time for an hour in the garden, followed by doing some early dinner prep. Now I'm enjoying a nice, light, Kenwood red wine (good value and very good!), with the last of my peach pie.

After blogging and catching up with email, I'll be heading to the bedroom for a night with the Olympics. It's been a full, productive, good day. What more can one ask! Life is very good!


  1. Sounds like a great recipe, I never understand people who don't like mushrooms!

  2. Me neither! They're wonderfully earthy and full of Vitamin D and so versatile; any many like shitake's have great health benefits.