Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chris Staley video on creativity

Here's a short, very nice video with Chris Staley doing a bit of demoing and sharing his insights on "can you teach creativity".

It's been another busy, at home morning. Last night, after dinner we drove to our sons place and I harvested some zucchini and since I was running out of fridge space for all this abundance, I figured that this had to be the morning for making zucchini bread.

I just took two loaves out of the oven and as soon as they cool a bit, one will go in the freezer and one will stay out for this week. We love it with boiled eggs. The whole house smells cinnamon delicious at the moment!

A couple of Facebook friends gave me some other easy and good ideas for cooking zucchini. I used to make a veggie casserole with zucchini slices, sliced onion, chopped tomato, oregano, basil, salt and pepper, a little sprinkling of olive oil between the layers and topped with a parmesan bread crumb mixture (about 2/3d bread crumbs, 1/3 grated parmesan) that I lightly drizzle with olive oil. It's a nice side dish. It could easily be a main course if you added some sauteed ground beef or chicken. I'll have to try that some time.

There will be a few hours of studio time as soon as I get the bread put away. Since I have leftovers from last nights Thai veggie, soba noodle dish and only have to cook a bit more soda noodles to stretch it a bit, I'll be able to work until 5. These last two Thai dishes, the pork omelette and the veggie soba noodle salad about both keepers.  I also like them because I can do most of the prep in the morning when my energy is high and the actually cooking or putting the salad together at  the end of the day is quick and super easy.

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