Monday, August 06, 2012

A cooking day among other things

Here is her highness "Bonnie" on the left and his lordship  "Bodhi on the right"; and we thought we put these chairs in the bedroom for us!

 I had one set of intentions for the day but the day quickly shifted on me. Eggplants said "pick us now!", so I've got some marinating now and after grilling they'll go back in the marinade and be an appetizer on toasted garlic bread tonight. Our daughter in law gave me more peaches, so I made a peach crisp. The house smells great!

We had some strong winds last night which knocked over one of my big tomato plants which is planted in a plastic growers bag. So I had spend time cleaning that and all the messy leaves and debris that blew onto our concrete covered back yard from neighbors trees..

There were phone calls to make and some research to do and finally an antibiotic prescription have filled for this infected toe which just wasn't healing with my do it yourself remedies. I also spent time looking for a podiatrist just in case these antibiotics don't take care of it.

It's amazing how the day just flies by with all these little things. Now it's time to feed the cat before I grill the eggplant and maybe I'll have time to get an hour in the studio before dinner.

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