Sunday, August 19, 2012

Big week ahead

Finally got the studio/garage attic insulated a couple of days ago. It hasn't made much difference as far as the coolness goes but mid week they'll be installing a dual heat/air conditioning unit and I'll finally be able to spend a lot more time in there.

It was cool enough to get about an hour and half in there this morning, before it started to feel like a sauna. I got all of the recently purchased raw materials, other than some soda ash in buckets and bins; and of course, as things would have it, one of those unscientific laws of the universe bit me: the one bag that would create the worst mess when emptying it, was the Redart and of course that was the one that spilled over as I tried to empty it into a bucket.  I must have spent about 20 minutes sweeping up, cleaning my shoes, and then wet sponging that part of the floor! I also got a bunch more pottery and other tools hung up, put more things away, and  setup a couple more flexible lights in my jewelry area.

This infected big toe is being handed over to the podiatrist Wednesday, since my self treatment as well as one prescription of antibiotics has not stopped the problem of the nail cutting into me and causing pain and bleeding. I'm not looking forward to the visit, because I think they may have to pull off that nail, which means a few more days lost in the studio and garden time not even considering whatever discomfort that is going to entail. Knowing that I might be out of commission for a few days after Wednesday, I've been trying to get some of these studio and garden things finished in the next two days.

Now that I got all the raised beds planted at our son and daughter in laws house, I'm focusing on getting the last of my own things planted. Today I got about a bunch of parsley plants and a mum planted and plan to get out tomorrow after some pre-breakfast studio time, to plant a six pack of kale, bunching onions and the rest of the herbs . At the rate this planting has been going,  I may just get it all planted before the first frost!

This past week has been for family, parties, and cooking, now that all these great veggies are coming in, as well as dealing with house and garden repairs and installations that are still not quite done . After 3 gardener visits this week alone, the lawn and planters watering system is still not working 100 %; but hopefully by the end of the week that job will be done, as well as the re-grouting all the tile throughout the house which is scheduled for mid-week.

If those jobs and the studio heating/air gets installed, that will finally be the end of all the construction and repair jobs we've been doing the past 3 months, and we can sit back and enjoy the rest of the summer and just enjoy having our house and time for our selves; and I will finally get some longer days in the studio.  


  1. WOW! June, those chemicals are sooooo organized! What a sight to see :)
    I was thinking about you today, I was looking over your recipes for oxide stains. Thinking about using more of them, mixed up just a few tests to to try.
    I know how you feel about the set backs caused by minor pain annoyance. I had a 4 inch incision in my back in July and I am just now starting to not feel it pull and ache. Then I took a fall down the stairs Friday and I am all sore and bruised from that, so wedging clay hurts. It's always something, isn't it!

    1. Do you get the idea that maybe the universe wants us to slow down! It's been crazy for us the past year and just when I thought we were getting close to getting things finished at the house, more things came up, so it was back on the phone calling repairs people, etc. Then I get this toe problem on top of the bad hip, knees and huge hiatal hernia that has given me acute gastritis. So down the line I'm going to have to decide which surgery to get first!
      Hopefully tomorrows appointment for the podiatrist will be able to take care of this toe problem. They coming to install a dual heat and air conditioning unit in my studio tomorrow so I should be able to get a lot more time in there. These 103F days have definitely been one of the big contributing factors in my limited studio time.
      Hope you soreness goes away. You're lucky that you didn't break something or get a badly sprained ankle or worse. I think a nice soaking bath with some epsom salts, scented candles, lovely music and a glass of wine might be called for in this situation! :-)

  2. Hope your feeling better soon, must say your studio looks so organised - unlike mine which is just a mess!

  3. June, my husband was sort of diagnosed with a hiatal hernia,he was having a terrible time with gastritis, but I think the doc was not really paying attention. They gave him nexium which did nothing but make him feel worse. Finally someone suggested he try Beeno, because we eat so many fruits and veggies, probably like you. He took Beeno before each meal for just one day and his problems went away. He has been taking it for a month now and has not had one episode with gastritis. Not saying that is your problem, but just an fyi! I do think some days that someone out there is conspiring to slow me down. I have fallen twice this month and had that nasty skin cancer surgery and I think I have some sort of arthritis developing in my shoulders because there is a lot of pain when I wedge. Guess I will accept aging gracefully but I don't think slowing down will work for me, too much nervous energy haha! Good luck with all the aches and pains, I feel ya :)

  4. Tracey, I'll have to look that Beeno up and see where I can buy it. The x ray doctor said I had the biggest hernia he's ever seen and I could have the surgery, but it's a 4 hour surgery, and if there's something I can take other than these heavier duty drugs for it, I'm all for it!
    As far as your arthritis goes, boy do I sympathize. It's in my family's gene pool and I have it in my neck, spine hips and knees. Last year I was already walking with a cane some days and getting ready to have my second hip replacement surgery; but after some reading and suggestions from friends and my osteopath, I started taking 4 arthosoothe a day, turmeric pills and boswellin pills as well as twenty barley grass pills a day. It took about six weeks or so for everything to shift by I haven't used a cane in well over 6 months or longer. It seems to have stopped a lot of inflammation which caused the pain and I think it actually healed it all a bit, or at least stopped it from getting worse, or at the very least slowed it down. Like you, I'm not one to slow down. I have to today after this morning's minor surgery on my toe, but I'll be good to go again tomorrow! :-)

  5. PS: Tracey, I looked up Beano, but it said it's for gas, and I don't have that problem, just acute gastritis which manifests in me, as burning heart burn type pain and well as similar pain almost up to my throat. I'll try it and see if it works. It would be great if I could stop these two prescriptions things I'm on for it.