Saturday, October 02, 2010

Decorating continues

 These are the pots for the next firing, other than one or two still under plastic and the few re-fires and test tiles still to come.

Fall has arrived! It was 37F when I got up a little after 6am and there was frost on the studio roof. I finally got a good nights sleep and  I'm raring to go, which wasn't the case the night before. Yesterday I managed to drag myself to the studio at 10:30 after helping Jim move the tropical plants down to the basement. I finished up the last few pots, did a bit of a cleanup, worked till 5 and came in for dinner, which I didn't have to cook. Thank you Jim and Colonel Sanders.

Today I'll only get a half a day in the studio. In the afternoon I need to harvest some more apples, tomatoes and peppers and dig the rest of the sweet potatoes. Then there's household shopping to do, dinner at the Tapas restaurant, and back to the studio tomorrow to continue slipping and decorating pots.

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