Sunday, October 17, 2010

Top Blog

Wow, top blog. Now I just have to figure out how to embed this so I don't have to post it every day. Does anyone know how to embed this code into my page?????

The second bisque is finished and I'll be emptying it this morning and re-loading. Yesterday I got enough cone packs and draw tiles made for a couple of firings, made a test batch of a shino I want to try as a liner on bisqued pieces, threw a couple of tumblers to use as test pieces and did a bunch of paper work. I checked my liner glazes and I have enough temmoku and bright blue, but need to make another batch of my celadon liner, which I'll do today.


  1. You place the embed code they give you into a widget on your page. You put it in a widget for third party apps, or one that is specifically for html embed codes.

  2. Ok, I just checked it out.
    1. Click on design
    2. Click on "add a gadget"
    3. Click on "HTML/JAVA" gadget - for putting html or third party
    functions onto your blog.
    4. Paste the embed code that they gave you for the "top blog" thing

  3. The problem is, when I hit "Add a gadget", there is no option for HTML/JAVA. The only option other than the gadgets they offer, is one that says "Use your own gadget"; but that option only asks for a url to be pasted in a box; and there is no other option. AARGH! Any other ideas????