Thursday, October 07, 2010

Cooking marathon day

We did some food shopping in Asheville yesterday so before breakfast this morning I started chopping all the veggies for a traditional bolognese sauce, and got the rest of the prepping done after breakfast. It's now simmering away for the next 3 hours.

I also got most of the veggies prepped for the potato, sausage, escarole soup that I'll be making as soon as Jim gets back from Spruce Pine with the sausages.

Since I can only  get escarole and thick pancetta in Asheville, I decided to spend the day cooking and will have several meals for the freezer. We'll have some of the bolognese sauce tonight with a nice, light, Italian red Jim found in Asheville yesterday.

When those first chilly nights come upon us, I start thinking about cooking hearty soups, stews,etc. I just hope I have enough room in the freezer for it all. Both refrigerator freezers are pretty full at the moment so it's going to be a juggling act to find room. The last week or so I've been trying to fill up the freezer with some dinners for the next couple of weeks leading up to a firing.

Tomorrow I'll be back in the studio for a full day of uninterrupted work. Jim has to drive into Asheville again tomorrow,  because the wait to get the car serviced yesterday, would have been four time longer than normal, so we decided to skip it and went on to lunch, and food shopping and still didn't get home till after 3 o'clock. I had to go to 3 grocery stores to get everything on my list.


  1. what is it with grocery stores here in NC? we do the same thing... takes three stores to find all the things we like. recently relocated from NH and usually found everything we wanted at our local small town Hannaford. Hannaford owns Food Lion so i don't understand why we Food Lion's selection isn't at least close! other than the grocery situation... we LOVE it here.

  2. We have some great little grocery stores in Asheville, like Fresh Market, Earth Fare and Green Life; but it wasn't until I hit Fresh Market (the 3rd stop), that I was able to find the thick pancetta and orichette pasta that I like. I also got a loaf of the best ciabatta we've ever tasted (had it tonight with the bean, sausage, escarole, potato soup). Next Asheville trip I'll make fresh market our first stop! Our local stores don't carry things like escarole, orichette, or a lot of other things I need for many of my recipes. I guess it's just a matter of demand.

  3. Last time I bought truffles was about 7 or 8 years ago and it was over $30 for 3 tiny white, Oregon truffles. The pate tastes great without them!