Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shawn Ireland's booth at the Spruce Pine Pottery market

 Here are a couple of photos of Shawn Irelands booth at last weekends show and sale. I love his warm, folk inspired wood fired pots.

My 2nd bisque firing is done with one more to go. When the power came back on, the kiln  re-started, which is nice to know since I've never had the power go off while firing this Skutt, with the digital controls.

This morning I've got to check my liner glaze buckets. I think that I there are at least two new batches that have to be weighed out - my celadon and temmoku. I also want to make another shino liner that would be more suitable for bisque application than the higher clay one I often use. I also want to make a small batch of oribe with a lower copper content - about 3 - 3 1/2%. There are also draw rings and cone packs to make. 

I took some frozen Bolognese sauce out of the freezer last night, so I'll just have to heat it and cook some pasta - the benefit of cooking for two - there's often enough to freeze for long studio days.

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