Friday, October 29, 2010

Firing day

I'm trying Mel Jacobsen's T shaped bag wall, modified with an extra 1/2 brick on the vertical part of the T. I closed the flues up a bit for a total of 45 sq inches, which is a few inches more than the last firing. The bottom still seems to be running much hotter at this stage of the firing, so I'll know more as the firing progresses.

Initially this kiln fired too cold at the bottom and last firing, and seemingly now, after raising the chimney a bit, closing the flues a bit, the bottom is now hotter. I suspect it's going to take a few more firings to get this where I want it.

I barely had enough pots for the load because I decided in the end not to include the re-fires from the wood pallet kiln at the Energy Exchange.  I even loaded in a pot that mysteriously got a broken rim on the way to the kiln, just to fill the shelf.

Time to turn up the kiln.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the results.Have a great firing.

  2. Unfortunately the kiln has turned itself off and won't stay on, so I need my friend and kilbuilder Shane to come and either replace the thermocouple on the pilot burner (which I think is the culprit), or maybe the regulator. We replaced that thermocouple two firings ago and it should have lasted for a few more firings; but it could also be the regulator. I may just remove all those safety's since I basiclaly sit with the kiln the whole time anyway.