Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another day of glazing and decorating

I'm still in glazing/decorating mode. Yesterday I batched up a small bucket of 3% Shaner Oribe to test on a couple of pots. The test was a bit more transparent than I wanted, so I added 3% tin, which is what I use in my own, darker green Oribe.I also got the tenmoku, somebrite and shino glazes sieved and lined and glazed some pots and weighed out a bucket full of my celadon liner which I'll strain and use to line the rest of the pots today. It was definitely a "donkey work" kind of day.

This third bisque kiln only has a few shelves worth of pots but I  fired it anyway since those are pots I want in this firing. I just hope the power stayed on overnight and that the firing completed.  There's still those few pots to glaze and decorate and more test glaze batches to re-mix and test tiles to dip. Hopefully it will all be done by the weekend so I can start loading and fire Monday or Tuesday.

I'm cooking braised lamb shanks tonight, so I'll get my veggies chopped now, start cooking right after lunch and get back to the studio for a couple of hours while the lamb is on simmer. I'll just get Jim to volunteer to watch and stir the pot periodically.


  1. I love lamb, mixing glazes is drudgery, but I don't mind the glazing cause I know it's one step closer to seeing the work come out of the kiln.

  2. Same here - don't mind glazing; but hate mixing and sieving glazes and washing everything. Thought I'd get much more done this morning but one glaze needed cmc and a suspender added and then re-sieving.Now it's time to start on the braised lamb shanks and then head back to the studio.