Monday, October 04, 2010

Back to the studio

Feeling a lot better this morning - not 100% but I'm going to head to the studio and see if I can manage some sit down jobs. There are a few last minute things I threw when I thought that I might not have quite enough to fill the kiln, so I'll finish them up and then maybe make a couple of small batches of glaze. My current shino liner is only good for raw glazing, so I want to batch one of Woo versions with a little less clay that I can use on bisque ware. The other small batch I want to make is a 3% copper carb version of Shaner Oribe. The test tile looked promising and now I want to test it on a pot.

If I can manage getting those things done I'll figure it's been a good day. I need to stop at 4 o'clock to start on dinner and make the pesto sauce for the freezer that I didn't have the energy to do yesterday.

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