Friday, October 22, 2010

Glazing and cooking

Yesterday morning I got this loaf of whole wheat started before I went to the studio. I love this bread machine! This is the most even loaf I've gotten yet, probably because I opened the machine after the last kneading and quickly re-shaped it. I also converted the machines recipes to grams and weighed out the ingredients which gives a much more accurate measurement. The lamb shanks leftovers from Wednesday are tonight's dinner.

Yesterday was a 9 hour glazing and decorating marathon, and if my energy holds, I should be able to finish today. Then I have to get some test batches re-mixed and tiles dipped. Looking at the forecast for the coming week, it looks like Wednesday is going to be a good day to fire.  I'll probably wad and load Monday and take Tuesday to recharge my energy for the firing.

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