Sunday, October 27, 2013

Warren MacKenzie at the Leach Pottery

Here's a nice little of video of Warren throwing some bowls at the Leach Pottery in St.Ives, England. St.Ives is on the Cornwall coast and that Cornwall Coast is without a doubt my favorite part of England.

Yesterday was my first day doing some gardening since my surgery. I was a bit sore around my incision after I had to do a bit of hard digging through rock, clay and weed cloth to plant  five perennials. I'm a bit tired this morning but not sore anymore. I also planted three dozen cloves of garlic and transplanted some arugula and kale. With a hard freeze in the forecast  for tomorrow night, I'll be covering my raised beds with some heavy duty remay today to protect my late lettuce. I did this last fall and we were eating fresh lettuce well into December.

This afternoon I want to do some burner cleanup on the little Olympic gas kiln. The rest of the day will be continuing computer cleanup of all the duplicate photos which are somehow residing in two different photo folders. When I deleted one of them, it deleted all the photos in the other folder, so what the heck is going on. Good thing I didn't empty the recycle folder after deleting! One folder says MyPictures and the other one is Pictures. Maybe I just need to delete MyPictures instead of Pictures, after making sure the same pictures are in both folders, since they weren't before. Sometimes I really hate computers!


  1. ahhhhhhh.,... thank you.
    I think I could watch Warren for quite awhile......

  2. You may find that My Pictures is just a link to Pictures. That means it would look like two folders but they are actually the same place and you only had one copy of the files in the first place. I think Windows calls this sort of link a Shortcut - but I switched to Linux so long ago it's all getting a bit hazy these days.

  3. Thanks Mike. If that's the case, then I'm wondering why when I synced by iPod touch, I have so many duplicates which do no exist in My Pictures folder. It seems they loaded all the photos from both My Picture and Pictures folders. So, if My Pictures only points to Pictures, do you think I can safely delete the My Pictures Folder???? Once before I deleted Pictures and it deleted all the photos in My Pictures. It was a good thing that I didn't empty the recycle trash bin. :-(